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Drury Brothers Roofing, Inc. was founded in Pueblo, Colorado, in 1985 by Don Drury and his two sons, Dwight and Dwane Drury. The company started out doing only shingles, but eventually were specialists in all types of roofing: Shingle, Shake, Tile, Slate, Built up, Metal, EPDM, TPO and Modified. From the beginning the company was oriented in servicing hail claims. They soon realized that there was a great need for quality roofers throughout the hail belt. When hail hit an area there was always more work than there were local roofing forces. They had witnessed an all too familiar pattern – the “stormchasers” would come into town, They would give great deals to unsuspecting consumers. However, the end result was the same – poor workmanship, several “rip-offs”, lots of problems and the “Roofers” were gone. These “Roofers” soon were called “Fly-By-Nights” because after a time they would collect their money and leave before the bills were paid or the jobs completed.

Drury Brothers Roofing, Inc. decided that there was a great need for a roofing company who was geared up to handle the situation, with crews, sales personnel, equipment and finances. They decided to develop a network which could serve a large region and still be available after the others had gone.

Drury Brothers Roofing, Inc. expanded throughout Colorado. They had established a record that could not be matched. They had established a network of roofers and sales personnel that could service a much larger area. They had gained the confidence of the major insurance companies and had developed a reputation for quality and dependability.

With the growth of the company and the changes in the Drury family, Don, Dwane and Dwight have split the territories to better services the areas. Currently, Don Drury has formed his own company servicing Northern Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska. Dwane Drury has his company servicing Texas, Montana and North Dakota. Dwight Drury remains in Pueblo and Colorado Springs servicing Southern Colorado and New Mexico. Dwight has expanded the business to specialize in commercial roofing throughout Colorado. Dwight has built trust with the building community and handles many new construction projects. To request an estimate for expert roofing in Pueblo call 719-543-0600 or for quality roofing in Colorado Springs call 719-591-4994 or call Toll Free 800-748-2454.

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