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Important Roof Maintenance Tasks

To get the longests lifespan possible out of your roofing, it’s important to perform basic maintenance tasks. To ensure that maintenance is done expertly, you can call in a reputable roofing company to do the work. Here’s a look at six important types of roof maintenance.

Keep Nearby Trees Trimmed

If there are trees growing over your roof, they are likely to drop debris onto it. Twigs, leaves, and pinecones can accumulate to the extent that they trap water on your rooftop.

Clean Out Gutters

When gutters are packed tight with leaves and other organic matter, it becomes harder for them to effectively channel away water. This can lead to water spilling over onto the rooftop, which increases the chances of rotting and roof leaks.

Eliminate Moss/Algae

By scraping away moss and algae, you can help to optimize your roof’s structural integrity. If you’d rather not scrape by hand, you can try using a garden hose to do the removal. But it’s generally better if you don’t use a pressure washer, which can damage the shingles’ grit. You could also look into using commercial moss removal products.

Seal Up Nesting Sites

Because roof eaves can provide appealing nesting sites to various critters, it’s worth looking for openings and sealing them up.

Visual Inspection

It’s good practice to semi-annually climb up the ladder and inspect your roof for various types of damage, such as cracked shingles, missing flashing, and dilapidated gutter parts.

Inspect Skylights

It’s important to occasionally check skylights’ metal stripping, which is a location that is sometimes the source of leaks.

If you need roof maintenance, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For roof maintenance in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO, contact the experts at Drury Brothers Roofing. Feel free to ask Drury Brothers Roofing for a free roof inspection in Colorado Springs!

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