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6 Types of Damage that Can Result from a Failing Gutter System

our gutter system should always be kept in great condition so that water is properly channeled away from your home. If your gutters become damaged or clogged, water is liable to spill over onto the roof and cause rotting and leaking. Here’s a look at six types of damage that can be caused by faulty gutters.

Bracket Damage

When gutters become too weighted down by an accumulation of wet leaves or other debris, then brackets could fail under the pressure.

Fascia Damage

If your fascia is made of wood, it could become susceptible to rotting if water starts to spill over onto it.

Damage to Plants

Water that is not properly sent away from your roof could then spill over onto your water beds, leading to overwatering that could drown your plants.

Roof Damage

Faulty gutters could result in overflow that pools on your roof and causes rotting.

Foundation Cracking

If water isn’t effectively channeled to its proper location, it could end up pooling along your foundation. Then, during winter nights when the temperature plummets well below freezing, it could result in some cracking.

Ice Dams

Another wintertime concern is that, if water isn’t properly sent away from your rooftop, it is liable to form an ice dam, which could then lead to water seeping inside.

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